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MeetMe23. Prague, Czech Republic

After all, she started it all - well, sort but grew very needy in wanted to impinge on Anders's life but sending him things even though they were not expensive presents or anything like that.

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The book is full of cupcake recipes which all sound very yummy.
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One question is left unanswered, but I just about forgive this as it wasn't about that, not really!! Hence her project with Gramps: to get as many of his recipes down on paper as possible, before-although neither of them ever referred to it-but before, or in case, he started to forget them.

Meet Me at the Cape. Barnstable, USA

Her grandfather had started sweeping up in the family bakery at the age of twelve; eventually he had taken over the business and run three large bakeries in Manchester.

MeetMe23. Prague, Czech Republic

Even though she made more money, got to sit down all day, and didn't have to work ridiculous shifts, Issy, in her safe corporate job, sometimes envied Helena.
Admin30.08.2021 Meet Me At The Cupcake Café (Cupcake Cafe) eBook: Colgan, Jenny: Kindle Store

This captivating first novel begs for more books from Ms.
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Jenny Colgan is an expert writer of popular contemporary fiction.

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Enough time left to change.

Meet Me at the Cape. Barnstable, USA

Issy had spent countless hours doing her homework under the great Cable Street ovens, absorbing through her pores the time and skill and care of a great baker; much more conventional than her mother, she adored her gramps and felt safe and cozy in the kitchens, even though she knew, of course, that she was different from her classmates, who went home to little houses with mums and dads who worked for the council, and dogs and siblings, and ate potato waffles with ketchup in front of Neighbors and didn't wake up before the sun, the smell of warm bread already rising from far below.

Meet Me at the Cape. Barnstable, USA

But you can keep them quite, you know, normal if you like.
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She had added black-and-white-checkered lino and implements, and after guests had first screwed up their eyes and rubbed them to get the spots away, then tentatively opened them again, some were surprised to find that they actually quite liked the pink kitchen, and they certainly liked what came out of it.

Meet Me at the Museum: A Novel: Youngson, Anne: 9781250295163: Books

Tracy's adult children - and their spouses - were far too sketchily drawn to interest me.