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10 Things You Didn't Know About Aubrey Plaza

Jason Schwartzman did a lot of the music for the movie [under the name Coconut Records].

10 Things You Didn't Know About Aubrey Plaza

I've been trying to work on some movie ideas and stuff like that.

Aubrey Plaza: 2009

Can Miley do anything but make audiences uncomfortable? So you've got this really funny comic, plus crazy talented director, and then you have Michael Cera who is one of the funniest people in movies.

Aubrey Plaza Splitting Information, Pictures, and Video. 'Parks & Recreation' Is Leaving Netflix Today

"Hopefully when it's right, we will go make it.

Michael Cera: from Superbad star to mescaline

Parks and Recreation is absurd.

The Hipster in Scott Pilgrim

must be proud that his little Hannah Montana has grown into sideshow we have become accustomed to seeing in a different scandal every few months.

Michael Cera

In 2008, she was seen in the Improv Everywhere prank "Mobile Desktop", in which she and five other people brought desktop PCs, including a CRT screen, tower computer, keyboard and mouse into a Starbucks and used them just as people use laptops there.

The Hipster in Scott Pilgrim

The film very much borrows themes from the classic novel The Scarlet Letter , a book that we know for a fact you read during sophomore year of high school.

Why Michael Cera Doesn't Get Many Movie Offers Anymore

You're not doing badly, either.

Aubrey Plaza Confirms Awkward Photo With Michael Cera Is 'Real'

Why not throw some genuine hate at somebody who is the opposite.

What The Cast Of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Looks Like Today

lindsay: yeah, I think they'll explain though lindsay: like maybe next week we'll actually meet the crew gabe: and here it's already detached from that just on The Office gabe: it's missing that extra element gabe: so to then divorce it further into this weird subset gabe: with cross-over acting from Rashida Jones gabe: it's weird gabe: the show feels kind of weird lindsay: well we're supposed to feel uncomfortable gabe: haha, that's NOT what i'm talking about lindsay: so maybe they're not making us uncomfortable enough gabe: the show is not uncomfortable gabe: the show is weird lindsay: like, it just feels like an awkward show gabe: it is weird for structural reasons gabe: and that makes me worry gabe: that it's not just PIlot Blues lindsay: I guess I believe in the team behind it enough that I think they probably have tricks up their sleeve.