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Farrah Fawcett enlisted at the University of Texas in the wake of finishing secondary school.

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She is well known for her role as Samantha Carter on the American-Canadian television series Stargate SG-1.

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Claudia Lee is usually known by her nick name Lee.

Claudia Black

Pairing the look with peep-toe heels, she was captured realising more was on show than she had hoped in the one-sleeved top.

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Claudia Lee Black was born on 11th October 1972, in Sydney, New South Wales.

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After a year, Farrah Fawcett was asked by a big name marketing expert to go to California to turn into a model.

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Claudia Black might be the most beautiful woman on the planet, unless there is a Claudia Ginger.

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It would be so freaking awesome to see Claudia Black as Raphael in -- EmoWuss• Boyd voice 2012 The Alchemist Agenda Ariel 2013 Rain from Stars Donna Television [ ] Year Title Role Notes 1992 Sandra 2 episodes 1993 Extra Miniseries 1993 Joanna Episode: "A Thousand Flowers" 1993 Julia Episode: "Double Illusion" 1993 Claire Bonacci 4 episodes 1996—98 Angela Kostapas 26 episodes 1997 Amazon High Karina Television film 1997 Beth Williams Episode: "All at Sea" 1997—98 2 episodes 1998 Jill Mayhew Episode: "Naughty Bits" 1999 A Twist in the Tale Morgana Episode: "Obsession in August" 1999 Steel Angel Mikhail voice English dub 1999—2003 Aeryn Sun 88 episodes 2000 Karina Episode: "Lifeblood" 2001 Huna Episode: "Wild Child" 2004 Aeryn Sun Miniseries 2004—07 29 episodes 2007 Liz Fontaine Episode: "The Other Dick" 2008 The Cleaner Episode: "Sonata" 2010 Velvet Road Episode: "Borderland" 2011 Guru Sona 3 episodes 2012 Moira Episode: "Magic Hour" 2014—present Mar-Sha, Ventriloquiver voices 2 episodes 2015 Dahlia 6 episodes 2016 Sabine Lommers 13 episodes 2019—20 Ann Evans 3 episodes 2019—present Sheryl Goodspeed voice 16 episodes 2021 Stripe 1 episode Video games [ ] Year Title Role Notes 2002 Aeryn Sun 2003 Lady Briana 2005 2005 Fauna 2006 Narrator 2007 A'Kanna 2007 Helena 2009 2009 2010 Admiral Daro'Xen vas Moreh, Matriarch Aethyta, Rachni Envoy 2010 Narrator 2011 Elf Commander Fraya 2011 Samantha Byrne 2011 Mel, Sally 2011 Chloe Frazer 2012 Admiral Daro'Xen vas Moreh, Matriarch Aethyta 2012 Cydaea, Mistress of Pain 2012 Whitney Chang 2014 Cydaea, Mistress of Pain 2014 Tess Everis 2014 Queen Marwen 2014 Morrigan 2016 Chloe Frazer Multiplayer only 2016 Samantha Byrne 2016 Leviathan 2016 Audrey "Mac" MaCullum 2017 Chloe Frazer 2017 Tess Everis 2017 Jessica "Silent Death" Valiant 2018 Mrs Foster Mrs Foster Content Pack DLC Awards [ ]• Black returned to the series as a regular cast member for the tenth and final season, and also starred in and , films which wrapped up the series' story lines.

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She was named one of by our Woman Crush Wednesday bloggers.