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a date at a fancy expensive restaurant or street food at the fair? Would you rather date my best friend or see me date your best friend? Never have I ever… had sex in front of someone else.

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Would you rather give up a promotion or sleep with your boss to get a promotion? write the most famous book or direct an infamous movie? Would you rather live without music or live without tv? Never have I ever… kissed someone without meaning it.

69 Insanely Flirty and Dirty Questions To Ask A Guy

Would you rather shit on someone or have someone shit on you? Would You Rather give a lapdance or receive it? There are certain elements that can make the game fun for all the players, and, they are: A sense of humor: A damn good sense of humor is one of the must-haves when making the game of would u rather questions dirty.

165 Would You Rather Questions for Guys [ 2021 Updated ]

Be careful though, it might spark something, and can lead to more 20.

Top 40 Dirty “Would You Rather” Questions: Be Cool

Would you rather get get reprimanded when you do wrong or I go silent for a week? Would you rather have a bad odor or a bad mouth smell? Never have I ever… flashed a stranger for fun.

🥇 311+ [BEST] Dirty Would You Rather Questions & More (18+ Edition)

Would you rather never be able to take a hot shower or never be able to eat fried food again? Would you rather wear pajamas on funeral or suit on a pajama party? You do not want to alarm the person with would you rather dirty questions.

🥇 311+ [BEST] Dirty Would You Rather Questions & More (18+ Edition)

Sex would you rather questions• be on top or bottom? watch TV all day or meet someone new each day? Would you rather have diarrhea during your wedding ceremony or on your wedding night? Would you rather have nipples for toes or toes for nipples? Would you rather be able to grow at will or only be able to shrink at will? Such would you rather questions for guys are totally worth asking.

120+ Dirty Would You Rather Questions

Would you rather have sex in a car or in a tent? Would you rather watch your partner have sex with their ex or a stranger? Have you ever wanted to tear my clothes off? I guess the question is whether there are people around you, but either option seems fun.

165 Would You Rather Questions for Guys [ 2021 Updated ]

The moment one will feel bored of it, it will be the moment it can be acquired with the clouds of separation.